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Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser + Holder


Blackwing’s soft handheld eraser and holder is a tool that can be used to clean the dark lines of graphite cleanly and easily. The holder is made of aluminum which allows for a solid grip while erasing. It comes with an iconic eraser clip that can extend the eraser as needed.

Replacement erasers are available in sets of 3


Blackwing pencils were originally introduced by the Eberhard Faber Pencil Company in the 1930s. Favored by authors and artists like John Steinbeck and Chuck Jones, the Blackwing 602 pencil had a cult following since it started. In 2007, Blackwing went through a revival by introducing the Palomino range using incense-cedar and premium Japanese graphite. Known for its soft, dark graphite and unique flat square ferrule, Blackwing continues to innovate outside the box by re-inventing what people think about pencils. Today, Blackwing continues to win the hearts of artists, writers, and musicians alike.


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Blackwing Soft Handheld Eraser + Holder
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