Brass Eraser Case


TF BRASS Eraser Case is made of solid brass and has the TRAVELER'S FACTORY logo on the front. It fits the smallest size (PE-01A) of Tombo's MONO eraser (White / Black), which is the standard eraser in Japan. TF BRASS Eraser Case is forged by bending a brass plate and welding it, which is a very delicate process. The tightness around the eraser may vary from slightly loose to tight around your eraser based on how they were crafted. Just like our other BRASS PRODUCTS they are made of solid brass, so the more you use it, the more it transitions into a deep antique color. When added to your pen case, erasing letters with a pencil will be much more enjoyable.

Size Body / H .4" × W 1" × L .7"
No. 7100664

About TRAVELER'S FACTORY Limited Items

TRAVELER’S FACTORY original items are normally only available at TRAVELER’S FACTORY stores in Japan and selected partner stores. Periodically, TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA will offer these exclusive items directly to your door in a limited fashion. TRAVELER’S FACTORY Brass Clip is the perfect accessory to customize and personalize your TRAVELER’S notebook. These Brass Clips are made of brass and feature a motif of an airplane, which is a constant reminder of how fun it is to travel.

TRAVELER’S FACTORY in Nakameguro (Tokyo) is our flagship store, serving as a hub for TRAVELER’S notebook users since October 2011. This building, a paper factory from the booming 1950s, was chosen to fulfill the dream of a perfect space for travelers around the world to connect and share their experience. We believe that the organic interaction will be an inspiration for us to create new products and a new way of communicating. At TRAVELER’S FACTORY, users can discover TRAVELER’S notebook, collaboration items, curated imports, and other tools that make your everyday journey more interesting. There is also a hidden loft for users to customize notebooks while sipping on a cup of coffee.



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Brass Eraser Case
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