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BRASS PENCIL features a matte black body created in collaboration with Ace Hotel. Based on the TRAVELER'S COMPANY BRASS PENCIL that was renewed in March 2017, it has a matte black body with the Ace Hotel logo printed in white. This pencil is crafted in a local factory located in Japan and is compact and portable, so it can be used conveniently for travel.   

Package / Paper case, H 0.8" x W 4.4" x D 0.78"
BRASS PENCIL / D 0.43" x H 3.8"
No. 7100904


Due to the limited number of products, we may set a limit on the number of items that can be purchased. We may modify or cancel the quantity without prior notice. We ask for your understanding.


About Ace Hotel x TRC Collaborations

Our new range of products is a collaboration between TRAVELER’S COMPANY and the new Ace Hotel Kyoto location that opened in June 2020. These products commemorate our fruitful friendship that we have cultivated over many years since we first collaborated in 2015. We have released products such as special editions of TRAVELER’S notebook stamped with the Ace Hotel logo and held caravan events at Ace Hotel in New York, downtown Los Angeles, and London. In April 2018, Ace Hotel brought an exciting opportunity to open TRAVELER’S FACTORY in their to-be-developed Ace Hotel Kyoto in Shin Puh Kan. When we first got an offer from Ace Hotel, we felt there was kind of fateful connection with Kyoto and we were so excited about the whole new journey ahead of us. We overcame many difficulties due to the current situation, but now we have new home base in Kyoto, and we released exclusive collaborative products to commemorate the opening Ace Hotel Kyoto. We hope you enjoy our latest collaboration products and use them thoroughly on your next journey.  



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