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TF Paper Cloth Zipper Case Sky


This zipper case is a collaborative product with Japanese brand called "Four ru of", featuring items that utilize original textile paper cloth that has a paper-like texture. We created this zipper case specifically for inserting into your TRAVELER'S notebook to increase storage capacity. The zipper case functions as a pocket on one side that is sealed with a zipper, allowing you to keep keys, money, or even collection of pens. On the other side there is an envelope sized slip that makes it simple to carry all of your tickets and post cards. On this same side there are 3 small pockets that can make collecting business cards fun, instead of a nuisance. The gentle and natural sky colored material that is used is a very thin cotton combined with a special glue which gives the outside a thin, paper like texture that is durable and will accompany you through many travels. Just like the TRAVELER'S notebook, this material was chosen because its wrinkles and maturation over time will complement your notebook.



Body / (Folded state) H 8.3" x W 4.7" x D 0.4"
5 pockets (Card size x 3, zipper case x 1, envelope type case x 1)
No. 07100192


About TF Limited Paper Cloth Zipper Case

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Paper Cloth Zipper Case is a collaborative product with Japanese brand called "Four ru of", featuring items that utilize original textile paper cloth that has a paper-like texture. You can insert these zipper cases directly into your TRAVELER’S notebook to expand storage capacity and functionality.     

The paper cloth material is comprised of a thin cotton that is combined with a special glue. This mixture creates a light and durable paper like texture that is perfect for inserting into your Regular or Passport size TRAVELER’S notebook. We enjoy the way the material matures over time and the look and feel of these paper cloth zipper cases will wrinkle and become glossy the more you use them. Notice how the change over time compliments your TRAVELERS notebook and represents a little bit of your own personality.   

We have four different colors: Blue, Olive, Mustard, and Sky for you to enjoy customizing your TRAVELER’S notebook with various color combinations.   


TRAVELER’S FACTORY in Nakameguro (Tokyo) is our flagship store, serving as a hub for TRAVELER’S notebook users since October 2011. This building, a paper factory from the booming 1950s, was chosen to fulfill the dream of a perfect space for travelers around the world to connect and share their experience. We believe that the organic interaction will be an inspiration for us to create new products and a new way of communicating. At TRAVELER’S FACTORY, users can discover TRAVELER’S notebook, collaboration items, curated imports, and other tools that make your everyday journey more interesting. There is also a hidden loft for users to customize notebooks while sipping on a cup of coffee. 



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TF Paper Cloth Zipper Case Sky
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