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Toyo Steel T320 Toolbox Silver


Toyo Steel, based in Osaka, is known for makes high-quality metal tool boxes with over 50 years of history. Toyo Steel pioneers the seamless drawing process makes their toolboxes strong, corner-less, and characterized by excellent durability and functionality. Each box is pressed and made from a single sheet of steel plate. 

T-320 is a convenient size for storing larger stationery and accessories such as pens, scissors, and small notebooks. It is a great way to store all the tools you need and place them on your desk or on an outing. It has a flat lid and top-extendable handle with no sharp edges. The box is lightweight, portable, and a convenient tool alongside your TRAVELER'S notebook. 

Material / Steel
Color / Silver
Outer size / W333xD137xH96.5mm
Inner size / W311xD115xH66mm
Origin / Made in Japan
                                                                                                   About Toyo Steel


Established in 1969, Toyo Steel was the first company in the world that successfully developed a deep drawing technology to make a seamless steel toolbox from a single sheet of steel. Simple, durable, & rugged yet beautiful designed toolbox with “Made in Japan” quality.

“DREAMS WILL NOT RUST” is the core message of Toyo Steel. The word “rust” in Japanese is rooted in the philosophy of WABI-SABI. Feeling sorrow for something old or vintage, but at the same time finding beauty in such things. Rusting - is a characteristic of steel. Aging, changing, and vintage aesthetic of rusting steel - they want to find and share the peace, satisfaction, attachment, and beauty in it - with a steel toolbox that stays with you over time.

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Toyo Steel T320 Toolbox Silver
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