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This is a set of TRAVELER’S notebook and customized items inspired by TRAVELER’S RECORDS, an imaginary record label dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY.

This set features TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size Camel, debossed with the TRAVELER’S RECORDS logo. The original refill is designed to look like a cassette tape and printed with letterpress techniques. The brass charm shaped like a record can be attached to the elastic of TRAVELER'S notebook, and made to spin like a DJ record. The set also includes original stickers, wood mounted stamps featuring music motifs to customize your notebooks. A custom cotton bag is included to be used as a storage pouch for your TRAVELER'S notebook. 

With TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your heart with TRAVELER’S RECORD.

Package: H188 × W6.7" × D1.2" (Paper Box)
Cotton Bag: H6.5" × W4.9"× D .2"Made of Cotton MADE IN THAILAND
Leather Cover Camel: H5.2"× W3.9" × D .4"MADE IN THAILAND
Notebook Refill: H4.8" × W3.5" × D .2"Blank 64 pages MD Paper (Saddle Stitched) MADE IN JAPAN
Stickers: 4 designs, Made of Paper, Package / H4.7"× W3.1"× D.05" (Envelop), MADE IN JAPAN
Stamps: 2 designs, H1.4"x W1.9" x D .6"Made of Wood and Rubber, MADE IN CHINA
Brass Charms: Made of Brass, Package / H2.7" × W3.7"× D .2"(Envelope), MADE IN JAPAN
The record charm is designed to make the record spin.

About TRAVELER'S FACTORY Limited Edition 2022 Set

The world of TRAVELER’S notebook began with an imagination.

Just as a small child, when given a piece of paper and a pen, starts to draw the world that comes into his or her mind, TRAVELER’S notebook awakens memories that have been dormant in the depths of our mind. It stimulates our imagination, and leads us to fantasy worlds. When we imagined that it would be fun to have a TRAVELER’S newspaper, TRAVELER’S TIMES was born. When we dreamed of a TRAVELER’S base, TRAVELER’S FACTORY was created.
Since it is a fantasy, after all, we put off the question of whether it is realistic or not. It is fun to simply let our imagination run free as if we were traveling with our curiosity. For example, what kind of world would open up if there were TRAVELER’S HOTEL, TRAVELER’S AIRLINES, TRAVELER’STRAIN, and TRAVELER’S RECORDS?

We’ve been dreaming about such things for a long time.

Here comes a limited set of TRAVELER’S notebooks and customized items, inspired by the imaginary hotel, airline, train, and record label dreamed up by TRAVELER’S COMPANY.

Each set includes TRAVELER’S notebook foil-stamped with logos, original designed refills, and customization items such as charms and stickers. It may take a little more time before you can travel around the world freely and with peace of mind. But with TRAVELER’S notebook and your imagination, you can travel anywhere at any time. Enjoy the journey of your imagination with the limited design of TRAVELER’S notebook. If you keep imagining, one day it may come true. Keep on traveling in your mind with TRAVELER’S notebook!
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