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027 Watercolor Paper
This refill features Watercolor Paper that is perfect for painting with watercolor. The slightly rough texture can show the granulation of watercolor pigment beautifully. Besides, Watercolor Paper is also perfect for pencil and pen sketches or collages of photos and...
012 Sketch Paper Notebook
This notebook refill features sketch paper. Please use this to do some sketching while traveling. There is a perforation line in each page, so once you finished drawing, you can pull off the page and use it as a post...
008 Sketch Paper Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport Size notebook refill features blank sketch paper. The papers inside consist of sketch papers that suits in drawing during one’s travels. With this notebook refill, we suggest a time where you can draw like the time when you...
015 Watercolor Paper (Passport Size)
This Passport Size refill uses Watercolor Paper is perfect for painting with watercolor. The slightly rough texture can show the granulation of watercolor pigment beautifully. Watercolor Paper is also preferred for pencil and pen sketches or collages of photos and tickets. The pages...
Currently Unavailable
010 Double Sided Stickers
This is a double sided sticker where you can carry it along with your TRAVELER’S notebook. It takes a form of a sheet, so it’s easy to carry it in your zipper case. Please use this to paste the cards...
Currently Unavailable
Mini Colored Pencil
In a compact, playing card-sized case, this set contains 12 colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser, all in one. At first glance, the small pencils, 45mm long and 4mm in diameter, look like a toy, but they are...
Blackwing Matte - Set of 12
For users who enjoy sketching or drawing on their TRAVELER’S notebook, we have selected this iconic pencil brand that can be used with any of our inserts. Ideal for musicians, woodworkers and anyone who prefer a soft, dark line, the...
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