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*Limit QTY 3 per order This special edition SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is a sketchbook-like notebook that would be ideal for sketching, drawing, and creating art on the go, perfect for TRAVEL & SKETCH. The A5 slim size, which can be...
(A5 Slim) Blank MD Paper White
This is a notebook that includes 200 pages of white MD Paper, our original paper has incredible comfort-ability in writing with a pencil as well as a fountain pen. The resin infused cover has a natural feeling that makes the...
(A5 Slim) Card File
All the pages in Card File and Photo File has a transparent sheet attached to a Kraft paper mount. The A5 Slim Card File can hold not only business and store cards but also 72 prints of “instax mini” photos etc....
(A5 Slim) Blank DW Kraft Paper
This is a notebook made of our original paper called DW Kraft Paper that has a rough taste as well as comfortability in writing. The resin infused cover has a natural feeling that makes the paper strong and inscribed with the...
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