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This special edition SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is a sketchbook-like notebook that would be ideal for sketching, drawing, and creating art on the go, perfect for TRAVEL & SKETCH. The A5 slim size, which can be used to carry maps, tickets, etc. roughly sandwiched between sheets of paper, is a size that goes well with travel. For the inner pages, we chose a thick paper that is suitable for mixed media, watercolor, or creating scrapbooks with ephemera and labels. At the end of the sketchbook, we included two pages from the SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK PAPER POCKET, made with MD Paper Cream that could be written on, or used to hold maps, tickets, and other items obtained during a trip.

Take it with you on your trips and feel free to draw the people and scenery you encounter.

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Blank drawing paper, 20 sheets (40 pages)
MD Paper Cream, Blank 2 sheets (4 pockets)
Handbound with Single Spiral Ring (Copper Color)
H 8.5" x W 5.1" x D 0.70"
No. 7101060


SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK consist of a durable resin-containing cover, a range of different paper types: white paper for comfortable writing, roughly textured Kraft paper, paper pockets, window envelopes, watercolor paper and file. The rings are attached to the notebook one by one by hand with great care in Japan.

Write down your thoughts, draw pictures that come to mind or paste paper items that you have found when traveling. 

Our factory called “Nagareyama Factory” is located in a quiet neighborhood that is 40 km away from downtown Tokyo. This factory has been making notebooks for over fifty years, and it’s worth mentioning that SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is made in this factory. After the process of cutting, holing and stamping, SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK is bound by a limited number of experienced craftsmen for completion.

Each SPIRAL RING NOTEBOOK design is inspired by various animals; a camel, symbolizing the rough kraft paper, a polar bear, symbolizing white MD paper, a kangaroo, symbolizing paper pockets, a honeybee, symbolizing window envelops made of orange kraft paper, a swan, symbolizing the white paper, and just as a pelican scoops up a fish we have Kraft notebook featured with deep pockets for all your travel memories. Which animal would you like to take with you on your journey?

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