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001 Lined Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport sized refill features printed ruled lines and reminds us of the days we were a student. Feedback from other travelers is that this is the easiest type of refill to use. The lines are printed with an interval...
002 Grid Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport sized refill features pages ruled into 5mm squares, making it easy to write and draw shapes. It also makes it easy to paste pictures and articles. Kind of contradictory, but sometimes in life its not a bad idea...
003 Blank Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport sized refill is included in the Passport Sized TRAVELER’S notebook starter kit. There are no printed lines in this refill so you can write, draw, paint, and paste things freely. Please think out of the box when using...
004 Zipper Case (Passport Size)
This is a zipper case that you can insert into your passport size TRAVELER’S notebook. One end is a zipper case, and another end has a pocket. In the zipper case, you can put coins and receipts you acquire during...
005 Lightweight Paper Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport Size Refill uses paper that is thin and light, so it goes perfectly well with the portable Passport Size. There is a perforation line in each of the pages, so it is possible to tear off the notes...
006 Free Monthly Diary (Passport size)
This Passport size monthly planner is exactly the same size as the passport we carry, so it’s suitable for using this as a sub-planner. Also, the size makes it nice to record anniversaries and birthdays important people in your life....
007 Free Diary [Weekly] (Passport size)
This is a passport size weekly planner. The size of this refill is exactly the same as the passport we carry, so it’s suitable for using this as a mini diary where you can write down things that happened on...
008 Sketch Paper Notebook (Passport Size)
This Passport Size notebook refill features blank sketch paper. The papers inside consist of sketch papers that suits in drawing during one’s travels. With this notebook refill, we suggest a time where you can draw like the time when you...
009 Kraft Paper Notebook (Passport Size)
Passport Size refill features Kraft paper. An original paper is used for this notebook where both the rough texture of the Kraft paper and writing suitability is achieved. The rough feeling you get from using pencils and ballpoint pens is...
010 Kraft Paper Folder (Passport Size)
This is a folder you place in your passport size TRAVELER’S notebook. You can use this by covering one of your passport sized refills or by attaching it to the connecting rubber band. An impregnated paper is used for this...
011 Connecting Rubber Band (Passport Size)
This is a rubber band that is used to connect several passport size refills. By combining several notebooks, the way in which you can use the TRAVELER’S notebook expands. For example, you can connect two refills and use one to...
013 MD Paper Cream (Passport Size)
This Passport Size refill uses MD Paper Cream.MD Paper is our original paper that won’t smudge or bleed through, even when writing with a fountain pen. MD PAPER White is available in “001 Lined” or “003 Blank”, This Cream is...
014 Dot Grid (Passport Size)
This Passport Size refill features small dots in 5mm intervals. These dots are excellent for writing graphs and boxes or as a guide in writing and illustrating that isn’t obtrusive or in the way. Try out the endless amount of...
015 Watercolor Paper (Passport Size)
This Passport Size refill uses Watercolor Paper is perfect for painting with watercolor. The slightly rough texture can show the granulation of watercolor pigment beautifully. Watercolor Paper is also preferred for pencil and pen sketches or collages of photos and tickets. The pages...
016 Refill Binder (Passport Size)
This TRAVELERS COMPANY item is a binder used to set and collect TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size refills. The metal parts will allow you to set five refills, please use this to keep your past refills. By looking back at your...
017 Sticker Release Paper (Passport Size)
Sticker Release Paper Refill (Passport Size) is crafted from the smooth backing paper that is left after removing a sticker. With this insert in your TRAVELER'S notebook, you can attach stickers or masking tape and have the ability to easily...
Currently Unavailable
018 Accordion Fold Paper (Passport Size)
Accordion Fold Paper Refill (Passport Size) is arranged in an accordion-style fold. The paper itself is thick, just like the type of paper used for watercolor painting. This characteristic allows for all different options of creativity in your TRAVELER'S notebook....
TRAVELER'S notebook Refill Let’s Go on a Road Trip (Passport Size)
Pack your cars with things you need for a long drive, let’s go on a road trip! The cover is printed with letterpress, featuring a nostalgic minivan that takes you on an adventure. This refill uses MD cream paper with...
Clear Folder 2024 (Passport Size)
This folder features a design exclusively for 2024, great for taking along with your TRAVELER’S notebook. The Passport Size can store smaller papers, like business cards and tickets. We designed the 2024 limited edition in the “TRAVELER'S TOWN” motif that combines...
Plastic Sheet 2024 (Passport Size)
Plastic Sheet (or underlay sheet) is designed to let you write standing up by providing a sturdy surface underneath your page. This Plastic Sheet can be used with the Passport Size TRAVELER'S notebook. You can also use it as a...
Currently Unavailable
Refill 2024 Monthly (Passport Size)
This is 2024 Monthly Diary Refill for TRAVELER’S notebook Passport Size. The Monthly block layout is the most basic diary type that can allow you to plan the entire month at a glance. Because it is passport size, you can...
Currently Unavailable
Refill 2024 Weekly (Passport Size)
This is 2024 Weekly Diary Refill for TRAVELER'S notebook Passport Size. There is ample space for each day of the week to jot down notes, appointments, or other tasks. It is also suitable for use as a mini diary where...
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