About TF Limited Paper Cloth Zipper Case

TRAVELER’S FACTORY Paper Cloth Zipper Case is a collaborative product with Japanese brand called "Four ru of", featuring items that utilize original textile paper cloth that has a paper-like texture. You can insert these zipper cases directly into your TRAVELER’S notebook to expand storage capacity and functionality.     

The paper cloth material is comprised of a thin cotton that is combined with a special glue. This mixture creates a light and durable paper like texture that is perfect for inserting into your Regular or Passport size TRAVELER’S notebook. We enjoy the way the material matures over time and the look and feel of these paper cloth zipper cases will wrinkle and become glossy the more you use them. Notice how the change over time compliments your TRAVELERS notebook and represents a little bit of your own personality.   

We have four different colors: Blue, Olive, Mustard, and Sky for you to enjoy customizing your TRAVELER’S notebook with various color combinations.   



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