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How to create your TRAVELER'S Notebook

1.Pick a notebook sizeRegular sized / Passport Size – TRAVELER'S notebook comes in two sizes. Pick the size that fits your best or one of each size. The passport size can be utilized as a wallet and or card case as well.

How to take maintain the leather on your TRAVELER'S notebook

TRAVELER'S notebook consists of a cut cow leather that is tanned using vegetable tannin and a small tin-made component attached on a rubber band. Tanning the leather by vegetable tannin is a delicate process as it highlights the wrinkles and scratch marks easily. However, it is completely eco-friendly, and has an authentic character that evolves over time. The leather used for the TRAVELER’S notebook has oil seeped inside, creating an incredibly soft finish. This process was chosen to ensure the notebook has a very natural feel when you hold it in your hand. Please understand that there might be some small scratches and wrinkles on the cover. This was done deliberately which ensures the longer you use it, the more the color will enhance. You will notice the color of the cover will deepen and the scratches willbe less noticeable over time.

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