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About 2020 DIARY

2020 DIARY collection consists of many tools to guide you through 2020. This collection includes diary refills that are specifically meant to start from July so you can start jotting down your travel plans in the middle of the year. This collection also features not only our limited-edition Plastic Sheet underlay and stickers for customizing your TRAVELER’S notebook™, but will also contain the Clear Folder, perfect for taking your notebook with you while helping you keep track of tickets and other papers. Your journey through 2020 is sure to be even more complete with these new additions!  

For any traveler, tools to accompany him/her on the trip are very important. 
Before hitting the road, train, or plane, a traveler carefully chooses what to take with him/her, and what not to take. This can sometimes be a headache, but also an exciting job that stirs up all his/her imagination about the upcoming journey. 

Now, if travel tools were friendlier to the traveler as he/she travels more often, the traveler would have less of a headache. More so, it is a joy to have such tools at your disposal during your trip. People often say that carrying the minimum number of items is the wisest way to travel but carrying more of the inspiring tools you are accustomed to is a very crucial factor to have a comfortable trip. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could use those friendly tools in our everyday life as well? Then, every day would be a journey. We hope your TRAVELER’S notebook will be the tool that helps you enjoy traveling the most.  


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