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About TRC USA Limited

TRAVELER’S COMPANY USA debuted in June 2020 as the official TRAVELER’S COMPANY online store in North America. It aims to be a reliable source for TRAVELER’S COMPANY product lineup, but also cultivate a fan community in North America. In addition to selling TRAVELER’S COMPANY products, TRC USA contains a variety of content from the official TRAVELER’S COMPANY website (, such as product information and some words from the creators, providing North American users with a more personal view of TRAVELER’S COMPANY and allowing them to immerse themselves in the TRAVELER’S COMPANY world.

In addition to the current range of classic TRAVELER’S COMPANY products, TRC USA plans to release original TRAVELER’S FACTORY products and special releases for the North American market. On the website, you’ll find stories of how TRAVELER’S COMPANY sets itself apart from other brands, including the manufacturing methods used to achieve quality, feedback from other North American users, answers to questions that customers often have before purchasing products, and information on how to use each product. We hope you enjoy TRAVELER’S notebook and what we have in store for the future.

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