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Medium ORIGAMI Dripper- Matte Beige


With ORIGAMI drippers, you can enjoy the process of dripping your own coffee and have a delicious authentic coffee at home. This ORIGAMI coffee dripper featured here in matte beige, is made with Minoyaki (a specialized Japanese Pottery with over 400 years of history). These drippers are comprised of porcelain that has high thermal conductivity, which allows for the most optimal steaming process. 

Designed and developed with baristas who constantly seek out the best tools to pour coffee, the vertical groove pattern on these ORIGAMI drippers allows for the most optimal extraction of flavor and enables you to enjoy the essential charm of the beans. Taking the extra time to enjoy the process of dripping your own coffee will enrich the flavor of your daily journey.

We recommend using it with the ORIGAMI Dripper Wooden Holder.

Size: H 3.4" W 5.4" (drip hole: D .98")
Material: Ceramic (Mino-yaki)
Suitable for use in microwave/oven/dishwasher
Use Kalita Wave filter (185)/ Hario V60 filter (02) or other cone-shaped filter

Origami has been creating functional and practical tools that cater specifically to Baristas and coffee connoisseurs all over the world. Manufactured in Mino, Gifu, which is an area in Japan that is best known for its ceramic manufacturing, Origami provides only the most professional brewing essentials in an extensive array of colors that will excite any coffee fanatic. TRAVELER’S company has specifically selected Origami coffee drippers and accessories to add value to any COFFEE TABLE TRIP. Whether you are enjoying a fresh home brewed cup of coffee in the morning, or an exciting new flavor of coffee in a foreign land, Origami Drippers and accessories will ensure that you enjoy the extra time it takes to grind up the beans, and drip a cup of your favorite brew before the days journey.




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Medium ORIGAMI Dripper- Matte Beige
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