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The PORLEX MINI GRINDER II is a coffee mill to grind your coffee beans easier, faster, and more evenly. The best way to brew a good cup of coffee is to grind the beans just before brewing. The aroma, one of the flavor elements of coffee, is strongest right after it is ground, and it decreases as time goes by. For this reason, a coffee mill is one of the most important tools you should have.

Made in Japan, PORLEX's unique ceramic manufacturing technology produces the most precise ceramic burrs on the market.

It is an easy to use mill with a simple design, which means you can accurately recreate the perfect cup of coffee day after day. The more compact size mini makes it a perfect choice for travel and outdoor use. PORLEX even redesigned the adjustment nut so it can stand in an upright position all by itself. Enjoying the process of grinding your coffee beans and inhaling the aromas that it produces will be sure to add a much richer flavor to your daily journey.

Pair it with TF Leather Mill Belt to improve ease of grip when you grind the beans. 

Size: Outer box / H 5.9" × W 3.6" × D 2"
Body / D 1.9" × W 5.3"
Capacity / Coffee beans Approx. 20g
Material / Inner blade / outer blade / ceramic, lid / body / receiving container / shaft / stainless steel, handle / iron, inner blade Base / POM, Adjusting screw / PP (heat resistant temperature 120 ℃), Handle holder / Silicone
MADE IN JAPAN No. 07151290

Since 1978, Porlex has been developing industry - leading ceramic products directly from their factory in Kagoshima, Japan. With a shrewd focus on quality, Porlex is world renowned for its ground-breaking coffee grinders. Porlex’s precision ceramic technology has created the perfect travel companion for your TRAVELERS notebook. Grind away in any travel location with these easy to use and store coffee grinders. Porlex Grinders will ensure that every roast is packed with the utmost flavor and aroma, that will make any COFFEE TABLE TRIP a memorable one.



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