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TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters Coffee Bean - Mexico


Due to limitations, we can only ship coffee beans within the US.

The single-origin coffee beans from Mexico are sourced from Grupo Terruño Nayarita (GTNAY), an independent democratic coffee-producing cooperative that delivers high-quality, socially, and environmentally responsible coffee from Mexico.

The Mexican beans originate from Nayarit, Mexico, and undergo a natural drying process similar to our El Salvadorian coffee beans. The coffee farm at Nayarit produces arabica coffee beans in bourbon, caruturra, catuaí, and criollo varieties. The green beans from the Nayarit farm undergo a strict sorting process to ensure that only the best beans are selected for roasting.

The Mexican coffee beans, roasted to a medium profile, offer a cup of coffee that delights the palate with tasting notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate. This unique blend of flavors provides a comforting yet refreshing experience.

12 oz Whole Bean (medium roast)
Cupping notes: Honey, citrus, chocolate
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TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters Coffee Bean - Mexico
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