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TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters Coffee Bean - Tanzania


Due to limitations, we can only ship coffee beans within the US.

The single-origin Peaberry coffee beans from Tanzania are sourced from a group of small farmholders in Kibwigwa Kigoma, Northern Tanzania. These farms cultivate arabica coffee beans of the bourbon and kent varieties and employ a wash processing method. This method involves removing the fruit portion of the coffee cherries and washing them within days of being plucked from the coffee tree. The coffee beans are then sun-dried, with only the best beans selected for this process.

Peaberry beans occur when only one seed (bean) develops inside the coffee cherry, rather than the usual two seeds. This natural occurrence happens in around 5% of coffee cherries, resulting in smaller, rounder beans with a unique shape. Peaberry coffee beans are known for their more concentrated flavor, bright acidity, and sometimes sweeter taste. 

The Tanzanian Peaberry coffee beans, in particular, have been medium-roasted to highlight their tangerine citrus notes. The freshness of the citrus flavor profile is complemented by creamy vanilla and brown sugar notes, resulting in a complex and flavorful cup of coffee.

12 oz Whole Bean (medium roast)
Cupping notes: Vanilla, brown sugar, tangerine
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TRC USA x Black Dog Coffee Roasters Coffee Bean - Tanzania
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